Why is your Samsung printer printing half page?


Samsung is very big and prominent name in the electronic goods industry. With the passage of time, it ventured itself into the imaging and printer industry too. Samsung printers have a big consumer base all across the globe, thanks to its investment in technology. Printers being complicated machine may end up malfunctioning due to a software snag or a hardware failure. These problems could be a minor one, which can troubleshoot in a matter of minutes. In some cases, it could occur due to a major software corruption or maybe a hardware failure, for this kind of scenarios we recommend professional help which could be made available through Samsung Printer Tech Support.

In this article, we will address certain printer issues associated with Samsung printers, one of them being, printer printing half page. This issue could arise because of a number of reasons, maybe due to a printhead issue or cartridge issue. Here I will discuss a detailed description of how to resolve this issue. In case if you feel that your problem is complicated and an expert advice, contact Samsung Printer Tech Support for complete assistance.

How to resolve Samsung Printer printing half page issue?

  1. Shut down your printer and computer and unplug them from their respective power sources.
  2. Open the top or front of your Samsung printer by pressing the latch button present on the sides.
  3. Now remove your cartridge carefully and check if the ink inside it is above the danger mark if any replace it with a new one.
  4. Put back the cartridge in its place carefully and see if it’s properly set in its position.
  5. Close the latch and the top simultaneously.
  6. Check your paper tray and make sure it is not over-filled or if there is any jam in it.
  7. Plug in your printer and computer to their respective power source and switch them ON.
  8. Now open the software application which came bundled along with the printer. Go to settings and choose an auto clean of your printhead.
  9. Once the machine is done the cleaning, print a test page to see if the issue is resolved. Try printing a Google Homepage as it contains all the colors and uses the minimum ink required for a test print.
  10. Update the firmware and drivers of your printer from the official vendor’s website. It is free of cost and needs the updation for proper functioning. The firmware contains encoded messages for your device to function properly and also resolve some technical snags which the user might be facing with a previous version.
  11. If the issue still persists, reset your printer to the factory settings so that if the issue is occurring due to some change in settings it will be resolved.

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These are some of the troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue. Hopefully, these steps were helpful and your issue is resolved. In case the problem still persists then it could be because of a major software failure or hardware problem. For this kind of situation, we recommend the help of professionals. Samsung Printer Support is one such technical service provider who has a team of certified printer engineers capable of resolving the most complex printer problems with ease. They are available for 24*7 round the clock. Call their toll-free number 1-855-213-4314 and avail these services at minimal of prices.


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