How to differentiate between the Dell Printer Ink Toner and Cartridge


Dell is a household name thanks to its wide range of hardware and computer products. The brand value of Dell has scored new heights in recent years due to its unparalleled quality products and investment in future technology. One such famous part of the company is its imaging and printing devices which includes printers in all shape and sizes. These printers have become a common commodity at home and offices alike. People use these printers to print out important documents, files or even school projects for the kids. Although these printers are a lifesaver and help you in more ways than one, these printers are a complicated machine. A common layman without any hardware or technical background may not be aware of the basic components of the device either. People have complained about not able to differentiate between Ink toner and cartridge. These people are also unaware of how to do simple troubleshooting to resolve minor issues on your own and save money and time. Are you one of those? Well, not anymore as Dell Printer Support is going to explain a detailed description of the differences between the ink toner and cartridge. In case you are curious about other things or have some issues with your Dell Printer, feel free to contact us at our toll-free Dell Printer Tech Support Number 1-855-213-4314.

What is an Ink toner?

An ink toner is a reservoir for your printer ink or a place where inks are kept or stored in your printer device. These ink toners only maintain or store inks and do not have any other purpose to serve. There are no print heads attached to a toner to print the words. This kind of ink toners is found in Canon, Brother and Epson printers.

What is Print cartridge?

Just like Print toner, even print cartridge does the job of storing inks but it has got an attached printhead to do the printing. This makes sure that the machine is directly able to print on papers from the ink source and unlike toners, it does not have to transfer the ink to the print head and then start the printing process. These type of print cartridges are found in HP, Dell, Lexmark etc.

What is the Cost difference between a toner and a cartridge?

As we have seen in the previous sections that there is a clear difference between the two types of ink stores with one having an attached print head while the other one without it. So it is obvious there will be certain differences in pricing too. Due to an attached print head, the print cartridge costs slightly more than the ink toner for clear reasons. It is easy to replace an ink toner if it leaks or malfunctions but cartridge can’t be that easily replaced with its costly and print head attached.


Recycling plays a very important role towards sustainable development and keeping our environment clean and green. This is the reason why major companies and brand are looking for recyclable alternatives for their products. Regarding the printers, ink toners are not recyclable and go into the dump yard once its life is over. Print cartridge, on the other hand, can be recycled to an extent and rescued further.

Print Quality

There is no major difference in the quality of the print of two products which is noticeable since both work on the same technology and the difference lies only in the placement of printheads. So you can rest assured of quality print outputs from both the ink toner and print cartridge.

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These are some of the major comparison and differences between the two types of ink stores. Hopefully, this information made you more aware and understand the components of your Dell Printer. In case you have any further query or malfunctioning of your printer at hand, contact Dell Printer Technical Support for a complete solution. We are available at your service for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year. Our toll-free number -1-855-213-4314  is available round the clock. So call us and get your printer fixed and make it run as good as new again.


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