How to Fix Brother Printer Machine Error 46?


Brother Printers are one of the most recognized and valued brands in the imaging and printing industry. These printer machines are widely used by millions of customers all across the globe. People use these to print their important documents, projects, files etc in hard copy. Although Brother printers are considered to be the finest of the lot with a composition of hardware and software, they tend to malfunction over the course of use. One of the most common queries we have received recently is regarding the Printer machine error 46. As per the website, machine error 46 is displayed on a Brother printer if “absorber pad” is full. An absorber pad is located at the bottom of your ink cartridge and soaks up the extra leaked and spilled ink from the printer. Once this gets saturated or for some other reason, your printer will display the error 46 message In this article I will discuss a detailed description of how to resolve this issue. Don’t worry you do not have to replace the “absorber pad” after the fix is applied. So read the article completely and gain a deep and useful knowledge about your printer issues.

What is an ink absorber pad and what is its use in my printer?

Absorber pad is nothing but a piece of sponge to soak up the extra or spilled ink while the printing process is going on. It also absorbs the extra ink spilled while cleaning. Thus it is easy to understand what is the purpose of this small but significant piece. So if the sponge is completely saturated and cannot soak the leaked ink, you will notice blots and more ink on your paper. So basically it will hamper the outcome of your print.

The ink soaker is located at the bottom of your printer and without it chances are that the ink leak will stain your desk or carpet in no time.

Why does the printer detect a full absorber pad if it isn’t?

When the absorber pad is being used for a long time, it gets saturated with ink and there is no possible way for a software to determine the level of saturation. This is why the software combines and create a rough lump-sum data and being precautionary tells you that it is full and you need to change it.

What is Purge counter and how to reset it?

A purge counter keeps the count of number of clean cycles and prints by your printer. This purge counter determines whether the ink absorber pad is full or not. In order to resolve the issue of full or overfilled absorber.

How to resolve and reset brother printer machine error 46?

Here, I will discuss a set of troubleshooting techniques to help you resolve the issue. So follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Shut down your printer first and then disconnect it from the power source for the time being.
  2. Now hold the “Menu” or “Start” button, make sure to hold either of the ones and while doing so plug in the printer to a power source to switch it on. This will initiate the maintenance mode in your Brother printer. Look at your printer screen which will flash “Maintenance mode” or in this case simply “Error 46”
  3. Now in order to fix this issue or error, we need to set the absorber pad counter to zero which due to some technical snag shows full, thus causing the error 46.
  4. Now for the printers with physical number pads, simply type 80 to initiate the process and use the arrow keys to navigate the options from the menu screen. Scroll down until you come across “Purge” along with a number on the screen.
  5. Now enter “2783” and look at the screen the number in front of “PURGE” will be set to zero after this. Now go back to the menu or simply close the settings.
  6. Press “99” to exit the menu and restart the printer to let it make those necessary changes to your printer. Once that is done a recheck to make sure the problem is fixed.

These steps should help you to set the counter to zero and help you resolve the error code 46. In case the issue still persists then there are chances that your printer might be facing some major software snag or possibly a hardware failure. For this kind of circumstances, we recommend professional help. Brother Printer Support is one such spot which provides affordable and efficient services for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year. Brother Printer Technical support comprises of highly qualified and experienced printer engineers who have helped thousands of satisfied customers like you. Call them at their toll-free number 1-855-213-4314 and see the difference yourself.

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